Wednesday 20 March 2013

LuLu Restaurant & Bar, Folsom Street, San Francisco

Behind a white, modernist facade, LuLu is a large, looming restaurant with stark decor.  Boasting a wood-fired oven, LuLu touts rustic Provençal food, pizzas and pasta. The lengthy menu has plenty of appealing dishes, but be careful what you opt for.  Choose the ricotta gnocchi ($17), with butternut squash and hazelnuts, and the waiter might steer you towards the duck ravioli instead. If you stick with the gnocchi, you might get a modest portion that leaves you wanting more. The gnocchi is surprisingly sweet, but the combination of flavours work very well. LuLu, which also boasts an extensive wine list, seems like a good place to experiment with the taste buds, but it isn't cosy. 7/10