Sunday 25 November 2012

Walk through Barbury Castle Country Park, Wiltshire

This short, but satisfying, circular walk starts at the car park in Barbury Castle Country Park. From an elevated grassy ridge sheltering the car park, you can survey the big skies and open countryside to the north, across the M4 to the sprawl of Swindon. Follow the Ridgeway path west and you will soon come to the remains of an iron-age hillfort, complete with grassy mounds that kids will enjoy scrambling up and down. You then descend steeply down into the valley, go through a gate and follow a gravel path north east for about a mile or so. From here, you can climb up the steep, narrow road directly back to the car-park or you can turn east off the road on to a bridleway and extend the walk by about a mile by climbing up Burderop Hill. The full 3.5 mile route is detailed here7/10