Saturday 16 June 2012

C'est Ici Brasserie, Kingly Court, central London

If you wander off Regent Street around lunchtime, C'est Ici Brasserie's chalk board touting a cheeseburger and chips for £6 might catch your eye. If the sun is out, you might also be tempted by one of the tables at the front on Kingly Street. It's worth stopping - the burger, served with salsa sauce and chunky, nicely-cooked chips, is meaty and tasty. The "Berry-Go-Round" smoothie is also good, but not quite thick enough to justify the £4 price tag. The interior, with its smart patterned wallpaper and black and white prints of France, is also alluring, as is the terrace at the back on Kingly Court. The service is a bit erratic, but C'est Ici Brasserie seems like a reasonable lunch stop. 7/10