Saturday 19 February 2011

Restaurant Tapas Locas, Port Olimpic, the Mestral Moll, Barcelona

One of the few restaurants in the Port Olimpic not aggressively courting tourists and business travellers, Tapas Locas has a laid-back, laconic air. If you ignore the tarpaulin walls, the patio heaters and the television screens, the interior is reasonably attractive. Moreover, the food is good value. For 15 euros, you can gorge on the very generous "Paella Menu". First up is a plate of mixed starters, such as patatas bravas with some creamy sauces, a salad, a slab of tomato bread and a ham croquette. You can choose from several main courses, including a respectable sea food paella, served with a couple of king prawns and mussels mixed in with a satisfying pile of rice. The hungry can round the meal off with a desert, such as the large and tasty tiramsu, and this menu even includes a glass of mediocre wine (both the red and white seem to be chilled). Service is friendly, but don't go too early. Like many Catalan restaurants, Tapas Locas can be pretty empty before 9pm. 7/10