Sunday 3 October 2010

P&O Ferries, Dover to Calais

The cheapest and most entertaining way to reach France, on a sunny day, the ferry crossing can even feel like part of the holiday.  Relaxing on the top deck, admiring the white cliffs of Dover and the extensive beaches of Calais, makes an invigorating change from sitting in the car, even if you might have to inhale a bit of fag smoke. P&O's ferries are a mixed bag. While the aging Pride of Burgundy is grim and knackered,  the refurbished Pride of Canterbury is comfortable and civilised. On the morning crossings, there can be a scramble to be at the front of the lengthy queue for breakfast. In the Pride of Canterbury's battered canteen, the English breakfast, which is charged at one pound per item, can be pretty greasy, but the sausages aren't bad. It may be tricky to get hold of tap water, while the coffee can be strong, nasty and small.  You'd be better off getting a hot drink from the on-board Costa Coffee, but you may have to queue again. 7/10