Wednesday 8 September 2010

La Table Du Pecheur, Boulevard Lenon Seche, Ancenis, France

Although this popular seafood restaurant has outside tables with views across a lazy stretch of the Loire, there is a busy road between La Table Du Pecheur and the riverside. In any case, the modern interior is pretty comfortable with smart blue leather seats and arty black and white photographs of eel fishermen on the curving wood panel walls. If you get their early, the waiting staff are friendly and attentive, but they become less accessible as the restaurant fills up. Given the good quality, good value food, its not surprising the locals turn out in force even on a weekday evening.

Fat king prawns
Among the starters, the sea food platter (about 10 euros) makes a good dish to share. It features half-a-dozen oysters, fat king prawns, shrimps, winkles and small prawns, all deliciously fresh. One of the main courses (10-15 euros) is an appetising plate of prawns, hunks of salmon and white fish, served on a bed of creamy cabbage. You can also get expertly-cooked salmon, mullet or another fish, accompanied by diced parsnips, mushrooms, mash potato and red peppers. The local Gamay La Couvretiere red wine is pretty velvety and smooth for 14 euros a bottle, while a large bottle of San Pellegrino will set you back four euros and tap water is free. The deserts (around 6 euros each) are also very good.  If you  have a sweet tooth and can't decide, you can get a crème brulée, mango crumble and ice cream served on one plate. The chocolate sponge, complete with melted chocolate inside and served with large dollops of cream and a fruit coulis, is also very generous and very good. La Table Du Pecheur is a deserved hit. 8/10