Tuesday 6 April 2010

Lufthansa flight, Munich to London City Airport

If the long journey out from Munich city centre to the airport doesn't leave you late for your flight, you can get free WiFi access at the Starbucks next to arrivals in the Lufthansa terminal. Otherwise, you can eat and drink in one of the many reasonably-priced restaurants and pubs in the shiny and airy terminal buildings. Beer is particularly cheap. But make sure you don't miss the bus out to the stocky little airplane that does the short hop to London City airport. On board, there can be quite a few empty seats, so you should be able to spread out. You are served a free drink, such as a big bottle of decent German beer, and a respectable sandwich with perfectly straight edges, made using wholesome brown bread.  The in-flight magazine is pretty dull, but Lufthansa sometimes hands out free newspapers. If you don't have any luggage, you can pass through City Airport's modest terminal and be on the Docklands Light Railway in no time. 7/10