Tuesday 9 March 2010

Walk from Rye to Camber Sands, Sussex

This five-mile round trip is ultra-flat and not particularly scenic, but it does get you from the time warp medieval town of Rye to the enticing sand dunes and the wide, wide beach of Camber. You head east out of Rye on the A259, cross the bridge and then turn off the road onto the cycle route pointing towards Camber Sands. Judging on the faeces all over the grass either side of the track, this is where the good people of Rye come to walk their dogs. Unfortunately, the ultra-straight route takes you away from the small winding river before reaching the edge of a modest lake and then running alongside a fairly-busy minor road. To the east, about twenty or so huge white wind turbines tower in the distance. Eventually, you reach some surburban houses, one with a large beaten-up boat in its front drive. From here, you can cross a small field, doubling as a car park, and climb up the big bank of sand dunes, which offer a fine view of this vast bay. The expansive beach is ideal for a bracing seaside walk and you can stop for a coffee in the scruffy Kit Kat cafe, but it can be poor and pricey. You walk back the way you came, but at least you get a fine view of Rye's solid parish church rising above the surrounding flatlands. 6/10