Sunday 28 February 2010

EasyJet, London Gatwick to Barcelona

EasyJet now allows you to check-in online and then drop baggage in at dedicated desks at the airport, but you may still end up standing in long queues. Ironically, if you cut it fine, you might be able to walk straight up to a dedicated check-in desk for the next departing flight, but then you run the risk of not making it through the sometimes-lengthy security queues. Even paying extra for so-called speedy boarding, doesn't guarantee a speedy passage to the plane, but you might get a window seat and some spectacular views over The Pyrenees during this short flight. On board, the food and drinks are mediocre and pricey, while the passable in-flight magazine might kill 30 minutes or so. For the return leg, be aware that the terminals at Barcelona airport are being revamped right now and easyJet's check-in desks are a good 10 minute walk from the main international terminal building. Once you have dropped in your bags, you then need to walk back again, this time inside the terminal building, until you eventually reach your gate. If the flight is delayed, there are plenty of cafes and shops in Barcelona airport, but you'll pay a premium for any presents you buy here. 5/10