Friday 27 March 2009

B'Twin Forme 2008 Road Bike

Priced around £230 in the January sales by Decathlon, the B'Twin Forme 2008 is a fast bike for very little money. With its low price tag, an aluminium frame, thin wheels and 24 gears, this bike is ideal for commuting except for one drawback: Many of the components are cheap and nasty. If you don't swap the outer tubes for kevlar replacements (about £10 each from Decathlon), you will probably get a series of punctures. And don't expect the brake pads to last more than a few months of regular riding. Moreover, some of the gears tend to slip even after the free adjustments within three months of purchase. At least the workshop at Decathlon's Surrey Quays store is accommodating and good value, so repairs aren't too much hassle and won't cost you a fortune. 6/10