Tuesday 10 February 2009

Restaurant Bar Alte Post, Berglistutz, Davos, Switzerland

Attracting a lively, youthful clientele, this hotel restaurant is housed in a couple of cosy rooms with comforting wooden furniture in the basement. If you want to splash out, start with some delicious carpaccio (22 Swiss francs), topped with flakes of cheese and a heap of crispy seaweed, providing a great mix of flavours. The large pizzas (also about 22 francs apiece) make for a more humble, but very filling, main course. If you like your food hot, go for the pepperoni pizza, which is awash with rich, fiery colours - a feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach. Alte Post also has a good selection of beers, including both pilsners (6.5 francs a pint) and cloudy Weizenbiers or wheat beers, costing 8.5 francs for a pint. Expensive, like most things in Davos, but excellent. 7/10