Tuesday 3 February 2009

Hotel Astor, Weinbergstrasse, Zurich

Centrally located in a grim Soviet-style building, Hotel Astor is only a few minutes walk from Zurich's main railway station. The clinical foyer, creaking lift, flowery curtains, flimsy furniture, boxy bathrooms and squat television belong in another era. At 212 Swiss francs for a "superior" double room, Hotel Astor is also far from cheap. The young evening receptionist isn't very knowledgeable, but at least he is friendly and there is fast, free WiFi in the quiet rooms. The beds are basic and the rooms can be too warm, but the windows open and the continental breakfast (included in the room rate) is okay. The buffet features light and fluffy croissants, soft and tasty bread, mini cheeses, boiled eggs, thick blueberry yogurt, orange juice and strong coffee. Even so, Hotel Astor isn't somewhere to linger. 5/10