Sunday 4 January 2009

Riverside 2 Cafe Ristorante, Kennington Road, Lambeth, London

Near, rather than beside, the river, Riverside 2 is a budget cafe opposite a large police station, close to the Imperial War Museum, but well off the tourist trail. Inside, the sanitised, speckled grey decor, adorned with plenty of mirrors, is spotlessly clean. Young, but rather dour, eastern European waitresses dressed in black patrol the dozen or so tables. The cheap food is served piping hot, but tends to lack flavour, as does the coffee. From the breakfast menu, for less than a pound, you can order a bland sausage, mediocre toast or greasy chips. Even the oily mushrooms are just £1.40. The Italian food, such as paninis and pasta, on the main menu is probably a better bet. 6/10