Sunday 28 December 2008

Pitcher & Piano, William IV Street, central London

This branch of Pitcher & Piano feels like the bar of an aspirational, modern hotel. It is decorated using a mishmash of materials from transparent plastic to coarse wooden tiles to mock leather, against a backdrop of off-white walls, mixed up with the odd panel painted bright red or mustard yellow. The overall effect seems confused and incoherent. Still, the mostly be suited wide boys and girls enjoying a lunchtime drink don't seem to mind. And there are plenty of drinks to choose from: the Pitcher & Piano Drinks Blend Guide lists two dozen cocktails and plenty of wine, mostly available in two glass sizes or in a bottle. Although bitter-enthusiasts have to make do with Pedigree, lager drinkers are well catered for: A pint of Amstel, one of the five big brands on tap, is £3.30. There is also quite an extensive selection of food ranging from calamari (£5) to burgers (£7 to £14) to salmon en croute (£10). Similarly, the mellow middle-of-the-road music seems designed to appeal to as many off-duty office workers as possible. 6/10