Thursday 16 October 2008

The Florence, Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, South London

A large pub the size of a village hall, with funky decor and funky music, hip, young staff and its own micro-brewery. The Florence's focal point is a 'Cheers-style' square bar, serving an impressive range of premium beers, including the German wheat beer Erdinger and the renown Czech pilsner Budvar. Each tap around the bar has a small label describing the beer to the uninitiated. But the tangy Weasel ale, brewed on the premises, must be an acquired taste. Head for one of the tables, flanked by comfortable brown sofa-pews, near the large front windows as the conservatory at the back is less inviting. There is free Wi-Fi and iced tap water, the bar food is pretty good and reasonably priced - you can get a deep, juicy steak burger with blue cheese mayo, plus some fat salty chips with a garlic dip, for a tenner. Quiet during the day, before coming to life in evenings when the Florence buzzes with a lively mix of local twenty and thirty somethings. 7/10