Friday 29 August 2008

Eurostar catering

If you travel on Eurostar regularly, register your journeys online and you will soon acquire a carte blanche card, which enables you to jump the sometimes lengthy check-in queues and use the business class lounges where there are free nibbles and drinks. Unfortunately, it doesn't get you round the lackluster catering on board the train. The ultra-hot cheese and ham sandwich (about £3.50), for example, is tasteless and fiddly to eat. The microwaved chicken curry (about £5.50) is a bit better, but still amounts to fuel rather than flavoursome food. At least the chocolate muffins, costing a hefty £1.70 each, actually taste of something. Eurostar is easily the best and quickest way to travel between London and Paris or Brussels, but try and avoid meal times. 5/10