Saturday 28 June 2008

The Enterprise, Red Lion Street, Central London

With an eye catching mix of original Victorian features and quirky decorative touches, such as the large model biplanes hanging from the ceiling and the huge, gilded candlesticks, the Enterprise feels like a classy pub. Opposite the bar, is a succession of big mirrors surrounded by attractive tiling in several shades of green and illuminated by the large windows, but the middle of the pub can seem dingy by comparison. The simple menu features a dozen or so tapas dishes (about £3.50 each), including stuffed peppers, some delicious, but tiny, slices of chorizo and some very salty patatas bravas. On tap is a broad selection of well-known lagers, such as Amstel and Carling, served by a well-drilled squadron of young, glamorous bar staff. This formula pulls in a large contingent of boisterous office workers early on a Friday evening, but many of them stand and there are often empty seats. 7/10