Saturday 19 April 2008

The Sun Tavern, Long Acre, Covent Garden, central London

The black and white facade of the Sun Tavern, which is adorned with a large arched window, ornate Victorian plasterwork and hanging baskets, looks appealing. But the inside of this slim pub is more mundane. The attractive wrought iron lamp wall fittings and high ceilings are let down by the modern wooden floor and the large mirror panels on the walls. Loud pop music competes with the buzz of conversation creating quite a din. On tap are several respectable real ales, such as London Pride and Adnams (£3 a pint) plus the ubiquitous Fosters, Guinness, Kronenbourg and Strongbow. After work on a Friday evening, the Sun Tavern is about two-thirds full with local office workers of all ages. Although there is also an upstairs bar available for private hire, the Sun Tavern isn't going to be a memorable venue for a party. 5/10