Monday 25 February 2008

Thames Path, Canary Wharf, London

From Westferry Circus there are steps down to a broad, smart riverside path heading north-west around the bend of the river. From here, you can crane your neck up at the towers of Canary Wharf or peer at the distinctive, rocket-like Gherkin office block shimmering in the distance. Following the Thames Path, you pass some eclectic modern architecture housing the Four Seasons Hotel, a health club and a series of apartment blocks, one with a rack of unusual terraces built on a steel platform overlooking the river. From the jetty, fast passenger ferries tear through the water upriver towards the City. After half a mile or so, you are forced to turn in from the river and continue along Narrow Street, home to some elegant Georgian houses and a couple of long-standing pubs with views of the river. 7/10