Sunday 13 January 2008

Peckham Rye Park and Common, south London

Another substantial Victorian Park being restored with the help of the National Lottery, Peckham Rye has a series of pretty themed-gardens, criss-crossed by streams, a geese pond, a modest playground designed for pre-school children and a smattering of sports facilities. The park is at the southern end of Peckham Rye Common - a mostly featureless expanse of grass running gently downhill towards East Dulwich and Peckham. But the views are enriched by the grand Victorian houses and a sadly-derelict school from the same era overlooking the west side of the common. Between the common and the park, is a modernistic circular cafe coolly kitted-out with glass walls, wooden beams, metallic tables and black chairs. On offer is an extensive range of mostly organic and pricey snacks aimed primarily at the middle class families now colonising this part of London. 6/10