Wednesday 17 October 2007

Amelia Trust Farm, Whitton Rosser, Five Mile Lane, Walterson, near Cardiff

Run by a charitable trust to help disadvantaged young people and those with learning difficulties, this working farm generously offers free access to all and sundry. At the main entrance, is a children's playground, a cafe, a large enclosure that is home to a couple of dishevelled donkeys, various hen coops, rabbit pens and pig stys. You can stroke most of the animals or watch them being fed. Follow the path into the surrounding woodland and you will soon reach an adventure playground, complete with a wooden house raised seven feet off the ground - ideal for boys wanting to reenact jungle warfare. The path goes further, passing fields containing horses and sheep, before reaching a picturesque pond where tadpoles breed in large numbers. Scattered around the farm are informative signs and park benches dedicated to the deceased, sadly some of them children. Although it is free, Amelia is run by volunteers and donations are encouraged. Alternatively, you could buy some of the free-range eggs. 7/10