Monday 6 August 2007

Villa Romana, rue Quentin, Dijon

A lively and popular Italian restaurant that is one of the most inviting of the eateries packed into the streets surrounding Dijon's covered food market. You can choose to sit outside or inside amidst the funky deep orange decor. The pizzas (8 to 10 Euros) are pretty good, as is the three-course Menu Decouverte (18 Euros), which has several options for each course. The mozarella bruschetta to start came with a nicely dressed salad, while the chicken kebab main course was served with a flavoursome sauce and a mountain of succulent green beans. The pudding options include some high quality ice cream in adult flavours, such as coffee or rum and raisin. There is also a two-course (7 Euro) kids menu, which is basically a pasta dish, some ice cream and a drink. Service is friendly, but erratic and sluggish as the over-stretched waiters and waitresses sometimes forget basics like glasses to go with bottled water. 7/10